Who is Dr. Shahzad Latif?

Dr. Shahzad Latif was born on Aug 22nd, 1962 and raised in Sialkot in the neighborhood of Sir Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

He finished his SSC from Federal Govt. High School Sialkot Cantt. His family moved to Karachi in 1981. He attended Federal Govt. College Karachi Cantt, for HSSC.

In 1983 he went to USA for further studies. He earned his Bachelors of Science from Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York.

He was elected President of International Student Association and was an Honorary Member of Students' Life Board.

He earned his Masters in Economics from City University of New York.

He did his Ph.D. in Political Economics. His dissertation topic was “Political Economy of Inflation in Pakistan”

Dr. Latif keeps an eye on the issues his fellow Pakistani brothers and sisters suffer. He is a dedicated Pakistani and feels the pain of every countryman when he sees him or her not employed or not enjoying the very basic necessities those are taken for granted by millions around the world.

Dr. Latif is from middle class and is not a politician.

He is also a businessman and believes Pakistan needs to be run like a business for it to excel. He still holds Pakistani passport because he believes in Brand Pakistan.

He is a simple at heart person who does everything possible in his capacity to help under privileged.

He has a dream that one day every Pakistani is so free that his conscience is under his full control, thence he or she will not do anything that is wrong for his country or his countrymen.

Dr. Latif wants to do his utmost to bring the change our country needs so badly that Pakistan instead of going down, rises as a recognized economic, political and social power.

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